What is GreenPlease?


      At Polimur, we have developed a new range of products to satisfy the highest requirements of our clients, under the trademark GreenPlease. These new products have the highest quality and offer the optimum performance whilst being environmentally friendly.


     These films have excellent properties both physically (strength, welding, shrinkable or stretching, etc) and optically (brightness, transparency, etc).


       GreenPlease films are 100% recyclable, which saves you energy and raw materials. They are produced according to the highest environmental and quality certifications: ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.


        In addition, this new GreenPlease range will allow us to adapt the product and help you to find the best suitable film for your business, so you will get the highest performance in the plastic you need. To conclude, let us advice you in order to get the best packaging solution for your products saving money and increasing quality at the same time.

Why GreenPlease is your best option?

The best Quality

Increased Productivity


Cost Reduction

More Resistant Film

Printed and unprinted