GreenPlease Product Range

High Performance Packing Film


Plastic film for packaging, which you will get a higher performance, improving the quality of your package and saving film.

High Performance Shrink Film


With our new shrink film we have reduced the thickness, improving the brightness and transparency without losing strenght.

High Performance Stretch Film


Automatic ultra stretchable film for high performance stretch wrapping machines. This film will allow you to wrap your pallets using much less plastic, helping you to reduce costs.

Coreless Stretch Film


For manual or automatic wrapping. Save money by only buying the film without the core, reducing the amount of waste. This film is delivered with an applicator, so you can use it all, right to the last meter. 

Pre-Stretched Film


For manual or automatic wrapping. Eliminates the need to use a high performance stretch wrapping machine. It comes already pre-stretched, so the savings are guaranteed.

Food Preservation Film 


100% P.E. film with very low thickness and high resistance. You will save film whilst still having a product made with the best technology and raw materials. Suitable for use with all kinds of food, even those containing up to 100% fat. Non PVC product - G.S.R.: 39.01445-MU